Hilary Tsui charity charity sale all kinds of big package price sunglasses michael kors close to the people

Speaking of Hilary Tsui we all know, she really is a fashion. From her usual attendance at the event, you know, very dress. Designer clothes, bags michael kors shop along with fashion trends to be in the bag. sunglasses michael kors Occasionally go to fashion week around, sale michael kors handbags will buy all items of grass. Such behavior led to the accumulation of a large number of michael kors uk clothes at home. According to media reports, now she will be more than 50 bags of clothes and bags sold for charity charity, just have many famous brand clothing, shoes more than double, all at a low price to michael kors straw clutch sell. (images from the network)

Hilary Tsui sale of the various big package pictures from Tencent Entertainment []

These bags are clearly visible Chanel, Hermes, Celine, Prada, KENZO figure. Some of it seems like nine of a new look. She also explained: "many are the sponsors have some gift, is his collection, put the waste rather than to love people, and all donations to charity, Why not?."

More than two thousand pieces of clothing from Tencent Entertainment [picture]

Placed in the bag, try to michael kors discount handbags edit to find a classic yards down down down

KENZO down down down


Celine down down down

It looks like a human face, so it is called "the smiling face". The material with a high level of manual, reveals a bag of minimalist luxury, but also has practicability and strong function, that is IT bag that is inevitable! Now, smile package is still the Star Street, big trendsetter popular single product, can be said to be enduring fashion items.


This Celine leather bag, simple lines, highlighting the atmosphere.

CELINE[same paragraph

CHANEL down down down


CHANEL chain bag can be said to be the fashion trendsetter and stars favorite items.

CHANEL[same paragraph michael kors plus

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