The temptation of the beautiful peach perfume michael kors pink, aka angel

The temptation of the beautiful peach pink, aka angel

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The weather is getting warm, the spring season I love bright colors, especially the pink color, fashionable peach pink is my favorite! The season is all spend, recently received new clothes more, do not feel what collocation start this peach powder bag. This bag is a brand I love, the first brand of online shopping, Taiwan aka angel, this bag is a angel and a famous blogger Aijisaier jointly build.

This bag is the first layer of leather pressure ostrich oh oh very dirty. Even the bag straps are all very michael kors watches men good quality, is also very durable and stylish, although it is leather but feels very comfortable. Hardware quality is good, and will not fade jinshanshan. The zipper lock and above all aka angel's LOGO looks very significant level! The zipper is also very hard, not the general plastic zipper, michael kors outlet watches zipper tooth is exclusive, the base also added hardware, avoid the bag on the ground will dirty the bottom!

The bag is genuine leather, but it is very light! 800g not fully meet the needs of michael michael kors hamilton satchel women, especially the women I is relatively small, the bag is too big to feel too cumbersome but too small bag and not very practical especially to bag sometimes put what documents, too small to hold such a big bag, just look handsome and practical!

This bag is really super like, it also has a variety of uses, can be held, in the arm, but also can be a shoulder back. According to their own preferences and clothes for collocation to choose their own way. There is a zipper on both sides, if not many things can also put the bag unzipped to extend the space, is not super intimate, so that it becomes a Boiled michael kors handbags for sale dumplings package.

When the courier to the holding a big box I feel a sense of accomplishment ah ha ha, very careful packing inside the boxes as well as supporting the send packing box, handbag and aka angel. There are two bags scarf free collocation, wrapped in hand or tie a bow are good-looking, see Aijisaier says in the video can also be hair Oh, lovely girl can try to see her tied up michael kors womens watch is beautiful.

The color and the style of the bag are super perfume michael kors like good collocation clothes! In fact, years ago in the blog to see a Aijisaier show, then long grass is the new year but it is not convenient to receive express until now to bring it back, really love! Get it out of the time to look back, ha ha.

This bag is very all-match, wearing this one point of OL to work with OK.
This piece of chiffon blouse is also very own love, lapel design and tassel collocation is also nice suit or sweater.

Denim shirt always wanted to buy, but the total did not find a suitable, this I feel more suitable for me,
The collar of small hollow design character, and the lovely skirt.

Women have lace complex, I was no exception, white lace skirt, hem is can be a
Jeans are a bit like this style of michael kors coupon code clothes, particularly good collocation, a solid backing pants is good.

Or a skirt hem coat is this sweater, these two days the weather in Wuhan is 20 degrees, wear this

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