2015 to buy the package of the strongest Raiders into the tide of the United States and the United States michael kors wallets for women in the Fashion Week Street

In cold weather to shopping on the occasion, has been listed at the new autumn and winter do not carry presbyopia, especially for this woman's love treasure bag, is to "stable, accurate and relentless" take a second, just past the fashion week is that you refer to the perfect model, this year the popular style can be on the inside, to avoid vulgar, buy a good beauty package is the dress trick of the season.

NO.1: chain package

Speaking of woman's favorite bag that certain non chain bag, michael kors crossbody bags metal chain delicate and all-match, it will become more gentle and elegant collocation. Which has to mention the Chanel 2.55, has become one wholesale michael kors of the classic timeless style. Today's chain of choice has become very diverse, shape is also more interesting, such as the few seasons of the fire to michael kors wallets for women the little pig pack; in addition, the bright color is a big trend this year, the dull autumn and winter really need these michael kors new perfume colorful bags to light, look at fashion week off the hands of the hands of the pack, you will not echocardiography?

Trendsetter deduction:

NO.2:Box package

In this season's fashion week in the michael kor shoes street, you must be every kind of exquisite small box hooked mind, swept the world Box bag is too flattering, angular michael kors plus size dresses square, a variety michael kors hollywood of patterns of printing is also very elegant, most trendsetter chose Louis Vuitton of this, although very mini, but from the appearance or eye-catching extent under a cruel black sheep is very much worth it.

Trendsetter deduction:
NO.3: Super Mini package
NO.4: Fun handbag
NO.5: Bucket Bag
NO.6: money
NO.7: double shoulder bag
NO.8: fluffy bag