The upper part of the body michael kors bags uk with double back pack in pairs and add new tide

As Chanel (Chanel) this season show models who are hanging on the two package, whether it is a mobile phone back pack package, or stacked two hand bag, shot in the street two package has become a new trend of trend unstoppable upward influence.

"A not too little, two is good! This sentence is now applied in the trend of the package is no longer suitable for. Perhaps such a phenomenon that the actual you are surprised, but leading the trend of the observation of outfit Street shrines, is not difficult to find that this trend has become a formidable new phenomenon, while the show is more extensive use of two pack wear method. We have completely subvert the outfit logic (for a bigger bag not good), and certainly heart leapt collar little kors michael kors shoes devil silently michael kors watches canada read: this should be another offbeat marketing businessmen want to stimulate consumption! Why do I carry two bags out of the door.

But aside from the past, there is a stereotype, which is actually a real trend of fashion. With the mobile phone and tablet computer in vogue, especially when the mobile phone screen out more (or a protective sleeve after occupied more space), the past is indeed difficult to load the space inside the package. With these electronic products and Meng not defocus relationship, whether to take in front of a rare moment, or at any time to master the transceiver in email, have unbearable bag doesn't get mobile phone every minute, so like a hand bag or belt protection package into the popular second bags.

5 packs of collocation's two law

In fact, the two bags of collocation method actually solved many difficulties, such as from now on to see the right shape of the package, and then do not have to worry about its unrealistic, because as long as a large package to solve the practical problems of collocation. If you are partial to a small bag of people, but also to accommodate all things can not accommodate all things, as if the street is to take two small bags on the back, increasing the space at the same time, in fact, in the sense of a sense of a sense of the visual. Many possessions or habits will wear your upper body, considerable space two big increase, eliminating the hesitation before going out by deleting which hesitant mood.

Two practical problems in packing method can not only solve the capacity, in the shape of collocation is actually complement each other, if collocation properly, you can definitely increase the michael kors zipper heels level of rich, highlighting personal wear good taste. In this intimate arrangement of the key tips, so you simply become the two pack to wear a man, walking in the trend of the most cutting-edge.

1 any size you choose

Whether you like what kind of bag any bag is absolutely welcome here, whether it is inclined backpack, backpack, hand bag can be, is focused on the use of different sizes and package type, mix the opposite.

2 make sure that the material difference

Choose different material, even if the same color system, can simply take the level of flavor. If more bold, you might as well try to print the stamp, or special material to take the special material, fashion style michael kors gansevoort satchel immediately focus.

3 for a hot technology

A large number of mobile phones or flat panel protection, regardless of how you like the material, the most simple way is from the color or material is extended to the package of the material from the top of the package. Or play the comparative modeling, exaggerated protective sleeve shape, michael kors skorpios simple and plain style collocation.

4 eye-catching package is not lonely

Many of today's emerging It bag brands have launched new forms of hand bag, whether it is like perfume bottles, or like a book, it is very lovely, don't think the bag too upstage cannot with others with similar color collocation, or similar printing, can be found it's a new partner.

5 collocation clothes don't forget the original intention

No matter the bag collocation doden combination up, don't forget the coordination between care for this and lose that bag with clothes. Generally speaking, bag color can choose from clothes or extend the contrast color, style and clothing is to figure out a good balance between.

Tips 1: color collocation trendsetter demonstration collocation splicing

TIPS: shopping bag with the choice, michael kors bags uk a more formal shoulder bag on collocation, creating a model contrast.

Tips 2: demonstration trendsetter with tonal collocation play size

TIPS: even if it is a simple collocation one tone tone method, but also to use different materials to create a sense of hierarchy.

Tips 3: demonstration trendsetter collocation eye surgery with suction hands

TIPS: lovely suction eye hand bag a playful choice, then another collocation of different sizes and compared with simple square bag.

Trendsetter Tips 4: hand shoulder collocation demonstration and aesthetics

TIPS: hand hand bag, plus a michael kors straw handbag shoulder backpack, will also take the fashion, regardless of the stamp printing, the same color of different material mix, are good collocation selection.

Tips 5: new trendsetter demonstration collocation style and fashion

TIPS: choose a protective sleeve with the same style or material extension of the same style, who said technology is the fashion insulator.

Tips 6: demonstration trendsetter collocation Street leisure mix

TIPS: leisure Street sense back pack, oblique side collocation on a popular choice, to show the unique individual character dress.