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The summer blue bag dotting collocation

Published in: 2014-06-10Source: Forum collocationRecently, it is a sunny day, I michael kors for kids really had enough of the day, but three days, the whole people have to feel the mold. The weather has been good recently also began to lose all kinds of beautiful clothes and bags. Summer has a variety of cool and refreshing to buy a blue purse, looks very cool. And the summer with this blue wallet to collocation clothes also very jump sense, more fashion. The bag is aka angel, aka angel and a famous blogger Aijisaier jointly build. Previously wanted to buy things in Taiwan good trouble, now direct online shopping really convenient.

Aka Angel wallet is the first layer of leather with good sense of hand in hand, the design of ostrich embossed delicate texture very well. Regardless of whether the hand or placed in the size of the bag is very suitable.

Two close-up picture, you can clearly see the texture of the wallet. And LOGO home TA I like, angel wings Oh, a little sweet but also quite stylish feeling! Inside the compartment is quite much, also has a zipper is very safe, as well as intimate card slot design VIP cards can be placed inside. In fact, a good bag is not only to see the TA fabric, metal material is also important, for a period of time. The bag looks really cheap Oh, this wallet has been used for michael kors black leather handbag a long time, no dirty, hardware part of the LOGO and will not fade and scraping the zipper signs of injury, to tell the truth I think this is really worth the price.

There are more than a sandwich, and then more cards are able to plug into oh. There is also a zipper layer, very close!

Good appreciate again a few collocation bar, summer clothes are generally light color or bright colors, blue collocation if more visual impact. Want to easily go shopping do not want to take the bag can directly with TA when the hand bag is also very beautiful.

Again this summer clothes, most of love is the chiffon elegant feeling more gentle woman! This is a fake two piece design, chiffon is irregular before long and short, also can be modified in good shape imperfections. The design of fringe skirt let this dress looks not dull, pale woman Oh, also can lengthen the leg line, more tall! Collocation is a big blue purse!

Also is a different style Oh, a little OL feel it, collocation's michael kors wathes bag is the same as OL's favorite. The same is from aka angel, a Aijisaier. This brand is the first brand in Taiwan online shopping oh. And the purse is a series of, the same is the blue head of the leather is the ostrich. Because it really feels like summer clothes with a blue bag collocation is so suitable, so the purse and the handbag are all in this series of blue.

This bag is the first layer of leather pressure ostrich oh oh very dirty. Even the bag straps are all very good quality, is also very durable and stylish, although it is leather but feels very comfortable. Hardware quality is good, and michael kors watches rose gold will not fade jinshanshan. The zipper lock and above all aka angel's LOGO looks very significant level! The zipper is also very hard, not the general plastic zipper, zipper tooth is exclusive, the base also added hardware, avoid the bag on the ground will dirty the bottom!

The bag is genuine leather, but it is very light! 800g not fully meet the needs of women, especially the women I is relatively small, the bag is too big to feel too cumbersome but too small bag and not very practical especially to bag sometimes put what documents, too small to hold such a big bag, just look handsome and practical!

At the same time also said that the next set of clothing collocation Oh, this year I particularly like the 7 points of the pants but because I am short so wear it is basically the nine sub pants, and sweat, ha ha. Usual to go to work more convenient to wear pants, this is not very tight that there is a certain kind of elastic, wearing comfortable. Go to work for the good leisure shirt collocation, usually can be like T-shirt collocation. But no matter what can coat collocation this handbag aka angel oh.

This bag is really super like, it also has a variety of uses, can be held, in the arm, but also can be a shoulder back. According to their own preferences and clothes for collocation to choose their own way. There is a zipper on both sides, if not many things can also put the bag unzipped to extend the space, is not super intimate, so that it becomes a Boiled dumplings package.

This dress michael kors patent tote is a star with a very personal love, hee hee, fabric stores also made great efforts, the weather is very thin to wear pretty breathable feeling, skirt is blue Oh, know why I have to buy a blue purse and bag it, see how much I love blue oh hey!

When the courier to the holding a big box I feel a sense of accomplishment ah ha ha, very careful packing inside the boxes as well as supporting the send packing box, handbag and michael kors austin aka angel. There are two bags scarf free collocation, wrapped in hand or tie a bow are good-looking, see Aijisaier says in the video can also be hair Oh, lovely girl can try to see her tied up is beautiful.

Today's share is all of these, the main is to buy a new bag really super like it can not help but to share oh!
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