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Want to be an outstanding fashion michael kors suede handbags bloggers don't have to figure beauty beauty, the most important thing is to wear! The fashion circle had one people shouted at fashion bloggers, not just her original occupation surprising, but she is michael kors watch outlet not perfect figure could wear so fashionable good-looking, absolute strength can not be underestimated.

Vol.37: fashionable street Qiangjing coup Hongbo to save you a lack of collocation Bishop

From Norway fashion blogger Irina Lakicevic is today's hero, first you cannot believe that now has become a popular blogger who is a dentist and the occupation, whether from the appearance or body type Irina do not belong to the beauty, she has a kind of body with the majority of the girls worry, deadly michael kors tote bag crude legs wide hips, lower body proportions are not perfect lead to tragedy. The most surprising thing is to michael kors thong sandal look at her street shooting, you never feel her body affect all beautiful expression, she still looks quite stylish, quite seductive.

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