Actress love of the 10 chain package back after enough to make michael kors sale handbags you get back

Every girl's love of the bag is like a fish without water. When dressed up to the back of the pack, but found no one is suitable for the day of the LOOK. Medicine can not cure the disease, this is only the "package" can cure. In the style of a large number of bags, to say which is the most popular, the most popular, but also a chain of"! It is called second, not the first to say. No big chain bag so stupid, there is no general bag as mediocre, relying on a michael kors hamilton large chain, enough to allow you to earn a lot of return. Here you around the stars love 10 chain bag.


Speaking of the chain michael kors moxley tote bag have to mention Chanel, whether from the entertainment circle, or is it to supermodel circles, their love of the explosion! Chanel 2.55 is equipped with a metal chain double cover can be closed square, it is so named, because it is the birth date is February 1955.

The golden chain, lozenge, Chanel handbag classic legend has long been world-renowned, and continue to love deeply women. It is a woman with accessories in the star of the election, the perfect fusion of the visual charm and practicality, and the innovation and the tradition, half a century has michael kors silver handbag become a symbol of quality.

Liu Wen look at the micro Bo will find that many of the classic models are out of the country. It is conceivable that the chain of Chanel is an important treasure.

In addition to 2.55 there is a bag, but also popular in the entertainment circle for a while, it is the building block packages! Has always been to elegant look like Chanel, in Lafayette under the advocacy of a return to childhood. Children's toys LEGO as design inspiration, simple lines achievement appearance, color processing is too easy, but Double C is so cool".

Dior> > >

Since Rihanna became the first black beauty michael kors glasses Advertising Spokesperson Dior, after a small day is very michael kors bracelet watch competent michael kors perfume review to go all the way with the brand flagship Diorama handbag this year.

Although said to be a spokesperson, but there is no need for any dress with collocation ah ~ visible this love is really a limit......

BVLGARI &gt > &gt package head;

Compared with the tens of thousands of bags, this bag looks more Bvlgari snakeheads impressive brand logo of buckle collocation calfskin or rare snake leather, exquisite thin chain simple but not simple. It is worth mentioning that Bvlgari head bag is very colorful, and it become a michael kors mens street shooting star fashion trendsetter single Poomsae to win.

VuittonMask Louis series > > >

The spring of 2015 launched Mask series will be a group of African tribal masks and Monogram Gaston Mr Vuitton collected in the 30's with the mask pattern lock color looks like a variety of totem, mysterious, memorable. Different types and colors of small leather and leather rare collocation classic Monogram canvas, and lock Tribal Mask shape, which makes the whole handbag interesting.

MOSCHINO McDonald's series > > >

In 2014, MOSCHINO put the McDonald's series on T stage, people realized that the original fast food can also be fashionable. Although released some people think it is nothing more than to curry favour by claptrap, but the fact is that, people really love these "McDonald's" full of bags, watches, clothing michael kors sale handbags and mobile phone shell.

> > >

In 2015, Jeremy Scott, the creative genius of Daphy and pig Bugs Bunny onto the show. In addition to cartoon characters, will also insist on selling adorable to the end, a lot of bear accessories also appeared in the show, see the kind of feeling very Meng Meng da......

The leather bag > > >

Adorable thing is food, MOSCHINO designer's fiery works, but he will be heady, handbags designed motorcycle jacket style. Color variety, do not have to worry about at any time with others.

michael kors metallic handbags

Laurent Monogram Baby Saint series > > >

Laurent Monogram series Baby chain bag is also a good choice, although the Monogram series that everyone is familiar with, but Baby is a chain bag out of the ordinary. Novel shape, soft leather, obvious brand identity can make you more eye-catching in the crowd. If you are arrogant punk girl, then you will this bag in the bag.

McCartney Falebella Stella series > > >

The first reaction to McCartney Stella is the stars! Said yes, his family's thick bottom star shoes by the star like. But more popular is the Falebella series. With the chain around the bag, this is not what the chain is, and then the choice of the color of the bag is simple, but the metal texture is very strong.