Less is more than Prada killer ICON michael kors hand bag will be lost handbag

Founded in 1913, PRADA, the 70's fashion circle environment change, PRADA almost on the verge of bankruptcy. 90's and find nylon cloth as a base of PRADA has come into being, under the banner of "Less is More" slogan of minimalism came into being. Once again broke out in the "mission impossible 4" of the michael kors charlton film, a killer package awakens the sleeping bag type PRADA, noble and calm won everyone's heart, it is said that a list of the PRADA on the Shanghai Peninsula Boutique has been sold out of stock, now PRADA has become the town store treasure.



Price: 1442 (at ItalyOfficial website price

U.S. price: $1930 (Saksfifthavenue purchasing network

China price: ¥ 14480 (Temple library purchasing network

Size: high 33cm, deep 21.5cm, wide 14cm

Material: leather

PRADA killer michael kors infinity scarf packs a total of 4 dimensions

Mini bag is about 26cm high, about 17cm, about 10cm, about 11cm in length, michael kors eyewear and about 94~103cm in length;

The size michael kors gift set of the 29.5cm is about 97cm, about 20cm, about 13.5cm, and about 1cm in width;

The width is about 37cm m high; about 26cm; shoulder length of 97cm, width 1cm (adjustable);

The large width of about 39cm; about 42cm; the depth of about 18cm; double handle height is about 13cm

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Killer PRADA Saffiano package, BN2274, because in the movie mission impossible 4 by killer Mona carry pistols, with a mask with diamond, triangular mark striking the stately repeatedly appear on the big screen, each has a low exclaimed michael kors skorpios hobo dark theater - PRADA! So this instant burst of red hot! PRADA killer package 2012 of the fire a bag, with a female killer: bag, double zipper straps, practical and exquisite, the love to start! With the impressive 4 of the ads implanted in the disk, Prada ushered in her brilliant year.

The bag body by PRADA Italy's top quality special leather production, shockproof, dustproof, anti tear, wear, use PRADA special lining material, soft and comfortable, large capacity, thick strap designs, Italy imported hardware accessories, do not fade, the first layer of skin quality, fine workmanship, line michael kors outlet store michael kors hand bag full uniform, neat car line and end. Clean, high cost, the Queen's European professional technicians to create, half bag body style elegance, exquisite michael kors monogram handbags handbags michael kors detail, PRADA is enduring classic handbag, all-match style and practicality by fashionable women of all ages! Not the general level of the market can be compared!

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