Hand! Chop 11 ~ double again next year with Faye Wong first to pick michael kors women shoes up the people first price explosion of it

See to double eleven, the face of a product list is not already dazzling? In fact, many stars are "Taobao" small expert, from the clothing brand parity in the sea eye selected those clothes and accessories with high performance, and chop hands, not buy super star with a home.

Every time Faye Wong street, airport Street are very casual and comfortable, casual clothes, a pair of sports shoes, occasionally give up big bags, double back. Will "original ecology" of self, more close to life, dress michael kors designer more close to the people. Appearance rate high is the sports bag, JANSPORT michael kors clutch handbags color variety, style variety, strong michael kors satchel function, suitable for going out is absolutely essential good quality products.

Color is the most classic JANSPORT, all-match any LOOK~

The stripes of limited edition Leather Suede backpack, original price of 1000 yuan, now a treasure more than 400 ocean can take such a value ~ you deserve!

However, in addition to being days JANSPORT scraper, there is a package that has been sweeping across the main road. That is a promise and sister once together back Kanken, fox bag.

But in fact, this package is from a number of hand accounts in michael kors discount the party came out, however, a promise in the program will show it out, the rapid increase in sales of this package.

In "Daddy 3", while I want a Amway child's bag. Xuan Xuan carrying bats bag from sports brand Anta, first introduced the present thought of South Korean brands, but after the discovery of query is Anta michael kors women shoes children's series, the price is very close to the people.

Put aside the bag, we look at the other and what the people of the same paragraph......

Often appear in the body of the items, the majority of the clothing is the luxury of the big name, or is the fashion tide brand. But the occasional one or two pieces of people when the emergence of the people will be particularly bright. For example, in the microblogging sun self, called the New Balance this pair of tennis shoes, attracted to the editor I ~

As a "street model" Song Jia, occasionally take off the expensive and stylish heels for action sports shoes freely, a black and white foot puma shoes, fashion fan children did not retreat.

Do not think that the star will not choose CONVERSE, it is the darling of Europe and America star. And on the evergreen, just a LOOK can and collocation.

Air Force Nike is a symbol of a generation of fashion trends, a pair of feet and a pair of hate.

Freaky Yang Mi also has been immersed in the girl's dream, a sweater, a baseball cap, easy to Xinshou pinch.

The same girl heart full of empress Sun Li, mobile phone shell Disney Alice in Wonderland is very suction eye.

Supermodel Liu Wen dressed in a floral dress in the popular variety show "we love" in the romantic charm of Choi Siwon, filling the goddess, but who want this dress from H&amp M, only 599.

On this matter the foot famous Taylor loves cheap brand fashion music, no one does not know. TOPSHOP and ASOS are in love with her bag, often being grilled to wear love street debut hundreds of pieces of clothes, back hundreds of bags, but did not affect the status of her beauty and fashion temperament.

Swift Taylor (Swift Taylor)

Boyfriend Coat $151 ASOS

Snow white Lily also quickly became a cheap brand specialist, white skin with natural fresh temperament made her popular. The appearance of the dress every time she seldom makes mistakes. Is an otherworldly beauty; private daily, most michael kors fulton bag of them are casual, comfortable and chic.

Collins Lili (Collins Lily)

EMMY style has always been part of the sweet girl fan, a small fresh white plaid dress, simple sandals are full of her style, looked comfortable, daily travel choice.

Rosen Amy (Rossum Emmy)

This suit is fire, wide leg pants this year is fire, Gewen elements are very fire, "Forever 21" is indeed the national brand, build three big hot element price is michael kors black friday so close to the people, Diane will buy it too!

Krueger Diane (Diane.Kruger)

With less than two days, double eleven is coming, don't regret for his hand! Chop ~ next year

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