There is a great black payment also fear what come Fan michael kors gansevoort large tote Bingbing buy buy buy

November 11th was once a year of "singles day", but also for the vast number of users shopping day. That night, Fan michael kors very hollywood Bingbing microblogging drying out a photo, and a message: "hold back! Wasting money!". Subsequently, Li Chen in the following message: "nothing, I am the checkout." That is, what a great black payment afraid? Come and buy a buy for Fan Bingbing.

Fan Bingbing Bu Kewen in the 2015 spring and Summer Series logo tee, carrying a LV bag Capucines nude color medium.

The price is nearly 1280 tee, she wears it several times.

In the "mountains and rivers" old red carpet premiere, Fan Bingbing carrying a LV new City Steamer handbag appearance, she is also the first Chinese area Steamer handheld City Bag handbag actress oh.

Speaking of this package, the contour three-dimensional model, in addition to the daily collocation can also use in the workplace, stitching two colors are more diverse, and the body only bag in front of a small lock engraved on the brand Logo, for the love of large area Logo is the gospel. The retro green brand website, priced at about 27100 yuan, Fan Ye carrying in the green and white mosaic models estimated to go to the store to buy.

Adidas "three bar" came back again

Fan Ye small white rabbit coat with the dog to see a doctor
Fan Ye same paragraph maje small white rabbit jacket

The pale pink collar shirt embroidered large colourful pink skirt collocation waisted profile retro michael kors gansevoort large tote heavy taste, this pair is privately favored N Fan Ye times 4000+ Prada is a small pointed all-match, pink bow echo not chutiao.

Beckenbauer Tracksuit Adidas's "three bar" is back.

Love beautiful Fan Bingbing cannot do without "mirror"

Yellow knit cardigan, a blue colorful polka dot print dress, foot Flamingos silver platform sandals

"Mobile phone shell michael kors watches pink mirror" style more eye-catching, built-in real mirror, people can go whenever and wherever possible. kors michael I wonder if this is not Fan Bingbing's "mirror".

BALMAIN X H& she can hold live M dress on exaggerated gold embroidery and eye-catching color.

Fan Bingbing 34 years old michael kors item tote can return to do the princess

With the nourishment of love, in the Saint Laurent 2015 michael kors women watches series of spring and summer floral print dress red Fan Bingbing even at the age of 34 can also return to being a princess.

Fan Bingbing to black as the main color collocation her with lemon yellow SC Bag LV, with simple but full of energy.

In fact, Fan Ye to the tide brand michael kors sales is love, look at the head top Crowley heart wool cap, not black also implies that the Fan Ye rabbit heart.

Even if again busy filming, did not forget the adorable on the feet of the bones show, shoes must be many dog lovers heart smuggled goods.

Fan Bingbing never missed a single product from

In addition to never abandon LV classic bag, fan ye who are not always Meng single product, ugly baby ticket clip and small wings pockets of Ding Ding doll, you dare say heart Fan Ye have a small wooden rabbit?!

A "aunt hat" is a sign of Fan Bingbing.