Is the feeling of michael kors perfume review Kate Spade Meng Meng Da youth story

Kate Spade has been the youth line, last season's colored small pavilion bags and bags also by many fans trendsetter blitz, this season also introduced a more lovely single product, and this season's creative director Deborah Lloyd is more thoroughly on the spirit of Relax, she said: "people always do not like with the mobile michael kors hand bags phone separation, but ignore the life and watch michael kors nature, is the time to put the phone down and relax." She said a little bit are right, don't be like to be kidnapped by mobile phone, see Spade Kate full of natural vitality of the new season works.

Spring and summer printing is necessary homework, Kate Spade printing and childlike simplicity, whether red roses bloom in black and white dress, or bloom of green color in a wild profusion of vegetation Rhododendron, have a michael kors perfume review happy beautiful blooming youth, perhaps less feminine and sexy, but with infinite vitality impress you.

Because of the garden and forest has become the theme of the season, so the green cross pattern and leaf patterns occupy a large stage, people naturally feel a cool, while the low eaves visor michael kors flats of various materials can be seen everywhere, reminding you the time at school and summer camp, Kate Spade michael kors outlet bags never complex michael kors outlet canada cutting complicated decoration burdensome for it is too old-fashioned, simple A word skirt, dress shirts, Bermuda shorts and shirt for young girls is enough. Even the last beach style series without veil fold, only that can make you wear to the beach just to roll Kate Spade.

Kate Spade New York Collection of the spring and summer of 2015 the most noteworthy nature is his family's bag, all kinds of cartoon shape rattan bag is entirely new hot fashion circles for now to sell the whole age adorable, with a small michael kors brandy snow boots garden style mobile bags and bags with pot watering can, the theme of the forest frog Prince and the snail handbag how, with the natural beach style is michael kors bags on sale the crab and whale Jun Jun, handbags, all Meng Meng da!