35 years old, sun drying of these michael kors astor shoulder bag years, love the bags and jewelry

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35 years old, sun drying of these years, love the bags and jewelry

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I haven't come here, before the account are forgotten, and I see a lot of sun, while also finishing the season. In the sun and the sun in the bag and jewelry. michael kors shirts for men First come to Hermes, do not know the old ID friends are still not in.

Always loved the first place, this many years ago to go to Cannes, it is a casual stroll, the results hit the most love style number and color immediately brush. For many years, in fact, usually do not want to use, or ordinary leather that used to be free of michael kors bag some.

This usually used the most, I just for black.

Purchased in France, the time to buy a not like the cortex, but also encountered, B is very special, and black. Just look at the bright colors of many posts, also have a crush.

There are people of the Kelly michael kors watches online have my miserable, I really is a bag, it is not so much shape, I bought it for the price ha ha.

The most love jewelry is the Pearl, every day will wear at least the same. It has so many days and months multiplying.

Shanghai's most red big A, bought a lot of.

Pearl Brooch good to wear, put face, put temperament.

Reality show one.

Cartier's yellow diamond, this has been very love, often wear.

Pearl is still ALLE, remember not to buy a third string of.

Finally not black, the first few years very often back.

Exposure age, this Hermes and sister know.

And this, the most exaggerated color.

This is the most commonly used, michael kors astor shoulder bag love this blue. Also purchased in Cannes.

Little common H models, as if the Celine is more than some of the shopping bag.

Guess what Hermes? I know the same age.

The only H canvas bag, that was very common. Now it's not used.

There is a blue Kelly not alone as a photo, really. I love blue.

Did not take good, is the Gray Pearl and the golden pearl.

The royal family, very practical, often wear.

The most love gift, is very special.