[clay michael kors calista satchel doll] every day to do not the same as their own.

[clay doll] every day to do not the same as their own.

Published in: 2014-12-01Author clay dollFrom: YOKA ForumDecember. Is also the last month of this year, it is feeling, the day is so fast! Every December, always look back this year a variety of mixed things. At the end of the year, is always an exciting and somewhat sad time, always in the flight of time and sigh, and a little excited the illusion of a new year. Today, I'm in the sun! December comes! Really feel the chill has been approaching! I'm stubborn November when not wearing long johns, but on the first day of December, I felt a cold, called forget to wear long johns.

It is necessary to talk about the bag ha! Double 11 in the CHARLES & KEITH's home oh!
Wong Keith and Wong Charles were founded in Singapore in 1996, CHARLES & KEITH. The brand's products include shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses, bracelet and other kinds of fashion accessories. As of 2014, the group has been in the world's 36 major cities in the golden circle set up 450 stores.

Bag is a woman who is essential to the quality of the street collocation, want to prove their own style, the bag is absolutely important in the presence of

Bag is a symbol of the social status of women, but also the best jewelry collocation daily clothes. For women of all ages, get a package is a joy, but also the way michael kors calista satchel to change the mood. Women purses michael kors choose to pack the attitude of meticulous, different styles of collocation different michael kors straw handbags clothes, with different occasions. The woman bought new clothes, to michael kors sunglass case buy new shoes, new pants, new package to collocation, and never bored.

Smooth leather, simple design, golden chain, all-match fashion bag, and British Plaid Dress, a big fan.

For many years, for the Korean, I always resist, like Korean drama inside the male and female characters of exquisite face, walking in the fashion trend, the trend of the clothes to dress up, but also to chase their clothes collocation and make-up, in South Korea's friends gave me a fashion trend brand: bongjashop. It is said that the brand is the most influential women in the age of 20 years old online shopping clothing brand. Bongjashop is also South Korean actors love the most favorite clothing, is the year's most popular Korean fashion brand.

When I opened the bongjashop's official website, I was stunned! A lot of beauty! And the Goddess: Jin Xinying! Wearing clothes is so beautiful!! What to do! What to do!! I want to buy everything!! Although the purse is a bit shy ~ ~ but for things like the hard core to come!

For South Korea shopping site, in fact, I still quite strange! Generally, it is to buy things on the TB! Fortunately, the online customer service to me in a timely manner to answer and deal with the problem oh! Finally get to this winter clothes store well, a total of 7 pieces!! The timely delivery of the logistics system to let me quickly received the clothes oh!

Fortunately, at that time, into a relatively thick woolen clothes! Wear very warm! Woolen coat is every girl's wardrobe must-have, but you can't buy uniform dark oh. To know the color jump woolen coat in winter is also essential. This check of the coat is a good choice!
Plush velvet collar like! Cold when there is an urge to shrink in the inside!

Cute with a charming little dress!

Black lace embroidered sleeves, special immortal, handbags michael kors and have a sexy tune!

Oh, michael kors outlet orlando oh! Finally to say! Recently I have seen on Taobao selling bongjashop clothing stores often see, but michael kors beach bag the replication products cannot ensure the quality of the products run amuck, and genuine or not, in addition to the purchase of official website at bongjashop. Support genuine!