michael kors dress [Ru] Baby Christmas, warm travel outfit

[Ru] Baby Christmas, warm travel outfit

michael kors hanbags Published in: 2014-12-23Author Bo RuFrom: YOKA ForumFor a long time, the wood has michael kors shoe sale come to YOKA posting, one to the winter of all kinds of lazy ~ ~ ~ ~
Some time ago to go to Shanghai to visit a circle. In fact, go to Shanghai is not to play, it is a good sister to eat and talk about. True friendship is not up with the change of time and distance and change, even for a long time do not meet, see the topic still off the reel again, even without a word will not have the slightest embarrassment. I think, you should have this kind of friendship. michael kors gold wedges This post is to take a share, this Shanghai, at Christmas, wearing clothes should also do occasional ~ ~

Love to show their partners can focus Sina Weibo: a sweet smile

More sharing will be the first time to share in the micro Bo Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

White velvet coat + Vintage Green Plaid suit + practical bag + waxy warm scarf
Each girl in addition to feel the clothes are always missing one, but also feel the total lack of a bag.
I have a lot of my own bag, but the big bag is essential. Because michael kors mens shirts of the large bags of large capacity, if it goes out to bring something super convenient.
Last time in the micro Bo see a UU group, is a leather bat bag. At that time it was the grass to see. After the purchase is also super satisfied.
The cortex is not terrifying, is a relatively stiff kind, handsome, and light leather bags are said to [component is heavy] quality is good.

Mention of Christmas, everyone's thought is the elk, on behalf of the red christmas hat, the representative of the green Christmas tree, and the crystal of the white snow.
This time, many MM asked. This I was in the store into the, is a prime, so like michael kors bags cheap the MM can be in the universal search Taobao oh oh.
The advantage of buying a suit is that it doesn't bother to go to collocation, a complete set of dress up on the United States and the United states. This is brushed fabrics with wool component, super warm Oh ~ ~ retro dark green with purplish blue, white temperament.
The coat is designed slightly loose, cold inside can take the thick backing T, can also wear the shirt collar collocation [] completely all dressed up to
Skirt is just a cute little side skirt, not only significantly tender but also the legs long oh. [color collocation and cashmere socks, so don't worry about my cold]

If the shirt collar directly wearing feeling boring, can be a scarf collocation oh.
The scarf is not only warm, but also has strong modeling ability, temperament instantly UP.
The scarf is a "necklace" in autumn and winter "
Three-dimensional snowflakes color michael kors jacquard tote soft and chic, wool knitted wear will not only soft and can let warm up your neck
Gray, super all-match.

White is one of the most common michael kors wedge rain boots colors, romantic white actually is a very all-match color.
In the winter, see the white snow will think. White, as a wizard like magic, addictive.
However, white is also more trouble, because it is particularly easy to dirty. But to the United States, is also not so much.
This cotton fabric is lace fabric, warm dream. The cuff and the hat of the plush decoration, not only beautiful, michael kors dress but also give people is warm feeling.
Playful design, refused to fat.
Dream beautiful style, but also the reasons for the fancy

Add a coat, a set of perfect collocation come out ~ ~ ~

Christmas is coming, I wish you a merry Christmas.