Carry a large search, the winter out of the street essential discount michael kors shoes small

Carry a large search, the winter out of the street essential small

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Very soft and bright black and Schwarzkopf repair essence experience

Winter in the north is really tough, outside the wind whistling, indoor dry temperature high.

To go out and play with a heavy challenge, what should you take in michael kors hamilton tote your bag?

Come on, let you see my new bag hidden in what secret weapons.

Mobile phone and wallet will not have to say, there are two things that I can live without the sister?!

SONY's fragrance artifact has recently went out, and beautiful and practical, the self - crazy people know, ha ha ~

The rest of the skin and michael kors straw bags hair care products are new to today and share with the baby ~ do not worry, slowly oh

In the winter, the essential small things in the bag lined:

EOS Lip Balm

Niu Er Rose Moisturizing Hand Cream

Glenn temptation Vera Body Cream

Evian natural mineral water spray

Schwarzkopf gold essence

From France according to natural ingredients has been known, this is the choice of the new portable lipstick michael kors hamilton tote black does not contain any preservative.

Just like its packaging, simple and pure.

EOS Lip Balm

The paste is very good and easy to apply.

Before going out, shopping, eating, it can protect our lips are a good helper.

4G paste can be used for a long time, the time will not feel bad.

What is this ghost! Tu lipstick also want to sell meng!

Silky smooth, sweet fruity, accidentally intoxicated.

Contrast effect before and michael kors outlet miami after smear.

One of the most important reasons for the deep love of the lipstick is that it's very moist but it doesn't make you feel sticky.

After lip Ching, glowing with a healthy sheen.

Give me a kiss can not, kiss in my heart to let me miss you ~

Way Bythe to return to the age of 20 is also quite michael kors wedge boot good, ha ha!

My recommended, small bags for winter lip!

Secretly tell you, take advantage of the low price when you start with a super bargain Oh ~

Needless to say, hand cream is also an indispensable part of the winter when the small things in the bag.

Tender package, look feel very warm heart there!

Carry hand cream in addition to enough moisture must also be good, this cream completely satisfies these two requirements.

Faint scent of roses is estimated that most of my sister can not resist, ha ha

Moisture degree gang gang! (please read two).

This hand cream and hidden skills Oh ~

The discount michael kors shoes cream contains blingbling's flash particles, and the back of the back of the hand is more delicate.

Ha ha, so the effect of such a cow, I do not tell him! To see is to earn, sister ~

Of course, if you don't want to touch the hand cream after James finished where it will leave oil,

So the friendship tips, only the back of the hand is enough!

The biggest characteristic is its Evian pure, pure is to support mineral water spray can...

But you can not look down on it, the comprehensive consideration of capacity, cost and wide range of uses,

It should be an important member of the pack.

Press the spray water is very delicate, and uniform distribution, not easy to get to spend makeup.

But if you don't use waterproof eye makeup products, www.michael recommended when spray slightly with your hand covered eye oh

Spray when you do not remember directly facing the face spray, the best way is in the distance of 15 cm in the face of the position,

Spray from the bottom up, so that the water droplets on the face of the time has been small to the same as the fog.

As for the use of them, in addition to simple and clean, water dilution, thirst, anti wolf like...

We can develop at will.

Big breasts are always so attractive.

The temptation of Vera Body Cream but also its home star products, taste super good, but is relatively durable oh

I usually like to use it on the clavicle and wrist, it can make michael kors bags uk the skin look more shiny.

At any time with the body, need to give yourself a little bit of a woman's taste.

The winter when you go out to play, the electrostatic dry edgy hair often make me nearly crazy.

Therefore, such a bottle of head essence spray is also indispensable to the package of the

A small bottle, easy to carry!

Water and oil essence is layered Da, remember Oh ~ shake before use

The design is suitable for spray out use of water, oil blend can effectively eliminate electrostatic heal edgy oh

The use of hair tail before and after comparison results. The dry and damaged hair tail is also a lot kors by michael kors of soft.

The winter to go out to play on the new Xinhui carry bag baby and share with you all here,

The hope can bring some inspiration to the woman who recommended Oh ~ da!

Let`sgo! Take a whole bag of security to go out to play.

The new love care, share with you

Thank you for your support.

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Welcome attention, not regularly have benefits Oh ~