Ava collocation diary refused michael kors denim tote dark winter

Not only the black coat collocation sweater and pants, can also take the sweater and knitted dress. Bag and dress with color, the other is black. To dark winter, sunny is so simple. A friend and I said today, recently my diary collocation in cramming, want to learn how to dress, she felt the clothes closet are only by A. In fact, my advice is to start from the basic models, the basic models are all put together, and then from the basic black and white, because they are the most all-match. After you can start from the color of my collocation, but also from the basic start. After you can slowly start to try printing. In fact, before saying a lot of collocation's method, in fact, are some of the basic rules. Style, color, nothing more than that. So, come on!

[coat] NIRVANA studio

[bag] OROTON

[black] ASOS

The look uses two kinds of blue green with color, and color tassel earrings. Other single product is bare color based. The coat is a Chinese style of detail and the type of the cocoon, the skirt is my own design. In fact, are ready to wear the time to use. In fact, the skirt has gone through many times, compared all-match. So a single product can be used many times, every day to take a different look, which is the fun of collocation. Don't always complain about too little clothes in the wardrobe. Take it out and see if you don't have www.michael kors to try it yourself. This collocation jacket is a cotton padded jacket, so it's very warm.

Yunnan is my earring in the red rose designer michael kors of michael kors hamilton tote large love, is really very easy to use, and clothing color is also very clever.

[] pinshang dress coat

[] UNIQLO sweaters

[Alexander] MCqueen handbag

[high heels] Madden Steve

[bust] AVA

Scarf, collar, variable variable cheap michael kors sunglasses variable coat, I have a variety of ultra long scarf ~ how do I always feel my face like a shot out of the whole, strange - really like the whole so beautiful even... Nima, or like his side. In order to let this scarf fly, took a lot of photos of the side. Such a scarf is really warm in winter. This is the style of the new design, because the time limit for a project is only a dozen. It's hot, too. Next year. There are 5 colors, I slowly take pictures ~ ha ha!

Today is michael kors patent leather tote black, gray, purple collocation, very love purple and gray collocation, as pink as hypocritical, but also can feel michael kors belts warm. Before the design of the lantern pants, for a michael kors denim tote more vertical fabric, feel very smooth to this acid!

I seem to have been very slow to accept a variety of network language, people are using bad, I just react, to get to this point of laughter.

In fact, it is a head, before and after each one, so add up to 3 meters long, can not buy a good quality long collar, thanks to

[b] AVA

[lantern] AVA

[bag] CHANEL

[boots] DIESEL