Why don't you get a brand name? Money on cheap mk shoes goods.

If the face is full of stuffed into the chest still feel no clothes to wear, you should have a deep reflection on their shopping habits. May you have dozens of T-shirt, sweater, ten seven or eight coats, michael kors crossbody numerous bags and shoes, you may also often add new partners for their own wardrobe, but after a few months will not favor. Learn to use a hundred percent of the investment can be able to dispel these concerns, michael kors wedge sandals from the wardrobe to become high-end quality.

If you chop the hand of shopping is to buy a bunch of cheap goods waiting for the date, please handle some mince. 25-35 year old woman should know the matter is far more important than shopping, 10 stall goods as 1 major suit. People rely on clothes, women in this age group to be more delicate, more access to high-end life.

The clothing is not just skin, it is not only to reveal the identity, it is more of their expression and attitudes toward life, become the focus at the same time you, your chance and luck will follow.

Teach you how to invest in shopping, from now on the wardrobe is high-grade goods.

6.6 pairs of ZARA heels =1 dual BLAHNIK MANOLO heels

Many designers have emphasized the importance of shoes for women, a pair of shoes to reflect the real taste of women. The difference between a pair of big shoes and high street shoes is durable and is not bad, maybe you can spend money and buy a pair of shoes now very popular, but I'm afraid you can't wear it next year tinkling se.

And a pair of high - grade brand name shoes, whether you wear it for a few years, still can save it. Known as the world's greatest brands: BLAHNIK MANOLO, the shoemaker was "sex and the city" actress Jessica Parke's beloved, it is on the michael kors fulton tote line and texture of woman feet care. In fact, as long as the less to buy 6-7 ZARA shoes, you can have four or five thousand dual BLAHNIK MANOLO heels, and it brings you worth far more than the thousands of yuan.


3.1 BDG jeans APC =1 jeans

Jeans is every woman essential style, and do not think overalls born jeans not the poverty level. From the fabric, go to the version of the line, the price of high jeans will strive for excellence, and the purpose is to raise the buttocks and modified leg lines. A good quality jeans will let you figure convex, and cheap jeans is not for you to correct the body, will let you out of shape.

Look at a few yuan jeans no difference, but the chemical raw materials and fabric may burn your skin, but not neat line deformation in your perennial wearing. You can wear jeans for decades, spend more money to make your body more worthy of perfection.

APC jeans

175.6 FOREVER 21 pack CHANEL =1 classic handbag

When it comes to handbags, I'm afraid it's the fastest woman to update the list. Buying handbags more need to invest in mind, the big brands will be the price of the price every year, with a more long-term perspective, even now spend a few million to buy a handbag, but it will give you a few hundred or even thousands of dollars.

Handbags can be said to be a woman's second face, you use the package will be able to get out of your taste, and its daily for cheap handbags, as hard to buy a can pass to the granddaughter of the classic bag.

CHANEL classic handbag

6.2 mk shoes pieces of ASOS =1 BURBERRY coat

Bags are also so, the coat is more needless to say. Every year, the style of the coat has changed, only the classic in the ever-changing, not fall. michael kors ceramic You may only be back and forth across 1-2 coat for the michael kors bromley boot winter, but always to buy cheap Shouyang countless fashion. Why? Next year the trend may be all of them.

It is better to buy a tongtongkuaikuai that is warm and preservation of the coat, Burberry British horn button coat after hundreds of years of baptism is still not out of date, the young college wind from time to time will inject fresh blood for you.

BURBERRY button: about $6115.

7.9 H& M =1 WHITE+WARREN knitted sweaters

For the sweater you may be hard for moving, spend a thousand dollars to buy a ride in the sweater you will think I am sick. But it is not the case, although a thousand yuan sweater and a $50 shirt from the style is close, but from the fabric, thousands of sweaters regardless of how many times you wash and wear the number back it will fit your body, and 50 yuan to wash a few times michael kors wallet sale that sweater shrink the deformation, but also face many problems and so on off-line fade pills. These factors are ignored, a thousand more than 3 degree warm sweaters cheap sweater, please don't let down.

WHITE+WARREN sweater: about $1239