Scarf collector Li Xiaoran most want to start michael kors id chain tote Bally bag

Li Xiaoran, a handsome Look debut Bally static show, a preference for the nature of the color of her original or scarf collectors, revealed that the most wanted to start michael kors id chain tote the spring and summer, the original is a bag.

Li Xiaoran accept YOKA interview

YOKA: the small ran to see Paris's leather, this time there are a lot of bright colors, which color do you prefer?

Li Xiaoran: I prefer sand yellow and green. Because I think these two colours are especially natural and special.

YOKA: today is the look of your choice? More handsome.

Li Xiaoran: Yes, it is more michael kors boot handsome. In fact, they saw a lot of pictures yesterday I want to try, but later thought or a little more good.

YOKA: michael kors layton new year, immediately to the spring. michael kors astor tote Girls want to add new clothes in the wardrobe. Small ran Xiangtian what products?

Li Xiaoran: I hope it's a scarf. Because I like the scarf very much. Every year the scarf will have a different pattern.

YOKA: how many are there?

Li Xiaoran: No, but michael kors darrington shoulder tote a lot of it.

Li Xiaoran unveiled Bally michael kors flat sandals static show

YOKA: About 2015's work plan?

Li Xiaoran: some of the plans are not going to say it, but it's michael kors sunglass all in the plan.

YOKA:2015 if shoes michael kors you start with a single product, what kind of?

Li Xiaoran: I think everything is essential to life. If it is spring and summer, the bag michael kors high heels may be a good choice.