michael kor bags Package of collocation look - Golden warrior"

Package of collocation look - Golden warrior"

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Yesterday just finished the camel coat after look, someone asked me the bag, you can update some collocation in early spring

Course of but it's not so early in the spring, it's the spring and summer collocation.

Anyway look michael kors designer at the first.

Today, there was a time when I mentioned that it was the first time I tried the Yellow Po.

Because before the yellow color gives me the feeling that is very bright and michael kors zip top tote very jump with michael kors pumps a little cute elements in the inside michael kors discount purses of a color

And my temperament is not consistent with the fact, I also have weaknesses.

I don't love to wear michael kors store pink or skirt,

Oh my God think of the picture I have to laugh

Fashion is also very important for the michael kors leopard handbag selection of collocation, it determines the overall fashion.

The color of the season is the most suitable color to bring warm gold,

"Gold fighters" golden yellow + single incarnation with the warm sunshine, dreary spring.

Careful sister will find this coat I have two wear method, michael kor bags one cheap michael kors purses is the original clothes design

Another is that I put a button on the shoulders down into became the strapless style

Feel this way to wear a more goddess temperament, but look at personal preferences

Come to look at the original clothes this shoulder design, very much thought

End the ~ ~ ~ ~

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