Lancel classic "past michael kors hollywood life"

From 139 michael kors sweater years of brand history of michael michael kors hamilton east west satchel the classic draw inspiration, Lancel has always been a new, many of which Lancel's classic style, has a hidden "past life". Time michael kors hollywood flies, are still, she founded Lancel will usher in 140 years of celebration in 2016, let us wait and see!

Lancel 60's classic package

Inspired by the classic package of Lancel 60, the brand new Charlie has become the "mass michael kors discount lover" of many stars michael kors black clutch and fashion people ".

Charlie Lancel series

Lancel 70's classic package michael kors watch men

Lancel 70's classic package

L Bag Lancel series

L Bag Lancel series

L Bag Lancel seriesLancel 70

Lancel 80's classic Elsa series

Neo Elsa Lancel series

In 1987 mk purses Lancel launched the fabulous Elsa package, and she followed the classic style of the bucket package. Elsa once launched, sales have millions, quickly became a star bags, each grade of consumers favor it for me. After a lapse of 28 years, Lancel in the new spring and summer 2015 in the continuation of the classic, launched a new Neo Elsa bag, continued the legend.